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In the spring and summer, the lighting of fires or grilling in forests and other outdoor areas is sometimes prohibited. You must therefore always find out what rules apply before you light a fire. The reason for the fire ban is to prevent forest fires.

The municipality or county administrative board decides when a fire ban is required and how long it will last. They also decide where the ban is in force.

Find out what rules apply in your area

The risk of fire varies across the country. Different things can thus be prohibited in different areas during the same period. For this reason you must always be careful to find out the rules that apply in the specific area where you are located.

You can find information on all fire bans on the municipality, county administrative board or rescue service's websites. Radio Sweden station P4 usually provides information on any risk of fires or fire ban.

The ban applies to forests and other outdoor areas

Fire bans are to be observed in all forests and other outdoor areas. Other outdoor areas refers to land in such close proximity to a forest that the fire can easily spread in that direction. The aim of the ban is to prevent forest fires.

Examples of what is prohibited

During a fire ban you may not use combustible material such as firewood, coal, briquettes, grass, twigs or branches to light bonfires and camp fires or to grill.

If there is an extreme risk of fire, other activities that risk starting a forest fire may also be prohibited. The websites of the municipality, county administrative board or rescue service have more information on this.

You are allowed to barbecue in your own garden

A fire ban does not normally apply in areas where houses and buildings are close to each other or only separated by a path, road or park area.

This means that you are allowed barbecue on your own garden plot, in courtyards and yards of apartment buildings, on your allotment, in parks and at certain camp sites. If you are camping out in nature or live alone in a forest or other outdoor area, you should find out the rules that apply to that specific area.

There may be some exceptions

Certain activities may be allowed even when there is a fire ban. It may, for example, be allowed to cook and grill on fixed grill sites, i.e. at a site that is isolated using concrete pipes or stone. There must be a wide ground area with gravel or other fire-resistant material surrounding this site. It may also be allowed to use equipment for cooking that runs on gas or liquid, such as different types of camping stoves.

You can find out what rules apply on the website of the municipality, county administrative board or rescue service.

A fine if you do not observe the ban

You can be fined if you violate the fire ban. You can also be convicted if you cause a fire, regardless of whether or not a fire ban is in place.

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